My name is Annette Rouze, LMT. This is my story.

Many years ago I had severe anxiety, GERD, sleep disturbances, hopelessness, memory problems, constant fatigue, and felt emotionally numb. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which began to manifest itself in my body with neck and back pain (also needing medication). After many years of being medicated for anxiety, sleep disturbances, pain and my stomach problems, I began to long for something else. A holistic answer for dealing with my PTSD rather than just numbing my body and mind.

I became a Reiki Practitioner about ten years ago and began to give myself Reiki treatments daily and also started meditating. The combination really helped with the GERD and sleep disturbances. But it wasn’t until I started receiving massage twice a week regularly for an entire year that things began to change for me in a big way. It seemed that I no longer needed all those medications to make it through a day or get to sleep at night. In my mind I was calmer, more positive, patient, clearer, more centered and my goals even started to change. I was happy. The pain was gone in my body too. I feel it was truly a miraculous change that everyone around me noticed. My spirit is now soaring. I view the world as a beautiful place full of wonderful loving people.

Like the dormant bean that has a hard shell and appears to have no life. When nurtured, we too can sprout, grow and heal in body, mind and spirit into something truly beautiful and miraculous as we are supposed to be. It is within all of us.

I am not suggesting for anyone to get off of their medications. I was under doctors’ supervision through my journey. This is simply MY story. I still receive massage every other week for maintenance. I believe in Reiki and Massage and want to help others to feel as glorious as I do. Blessings.


Annette Rouze - Healing Bean Massage, LLC

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